What a Video Professional Can Do That Most Clients Can’t Do Themselves

I have a few friends who work in in-house production departments at large firms. Their departments often sport all the cool video toys that the full-service production houses have, and they are fully staffed as a traditional production house would be. The produce some really great stuff, and their companies keep them busy enough to warrant the expense of such a costly department.

But what of my friends at smaller companies without such a department who are in communications or human resources? Those friends who are tasked with creating some piece of video for a campaign or training need? Sometimes they are faced with having to manage these things by themselves and with limited tools. They have an intern who has an old version of Final Cut and made that video that one time on YouTube, and an old video camera they sort of know how to use but the manual is missing. Or they have one guy who knows what he is doing, but does it all: writes, shoots, edits, graphics, etc… Some companies strike gold with their one media staff member, but all too often, creating a truly professional piece is beyond the scope of either that person’s abilities, or the company’s budget for investing in the right tools for that job.

Video professionals do one thing and they do it well. We make videos. We are up on the latest tools, trends and systems so you don’t have to be. We have the best toys. We remember to bring the releases you need so you can get the right permission to shoot and not get in trouble. We know how to light your set so you don’t blow the power and have to call maintenance to reset the breaker.  We find the breaker box and the maintenance guy before we shoot. We can wrangle talent, and even animals and children! We remember to bring coffee. Basically, we make your life easier. You can sit back and supervise with a cup of coffee in hand.

Understandably, budgets, time and resources may dictate that a project must be done in-house with less-than-ideal tools or staff. But in the end, what does that video say about you? Or your company? Your department? Your product?

Everything you create and put out in the world is a direct reflection on your organization. So consider working with a video professional who can focus solely on your project. It may be that you have the budget for more than you think.  Often, spending a little extra to have a professional company do the work for you, saves you time, money and energy in the long run.  Remember, quotes are generally free, so talk with a few video production houses and check out what they can do for you.

What is your story worth to you?

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