To go Premiere or Final Cut?

I used to be a pretty good editor at one point. Matching action, smoothing out voice tracks and editing music is something I tend to be good at and enjoy. But lately I fell out of it as I focused on my producing responsibilities. My recent work with the Red Cross gave me the opportunity to get back into editing, but I had to select some software.

Once upon a time, I had a version of Premiere and liked it well enough. I’m a PC user for now so Final Cut would have been a larger initial investment, but might also be worth it. I had a decision to make. This video from VideoMaker News really says it all.

Today, I’m in the Adobe Cloud with the whole CC portfolio at my disposal. It was easy enough to get back into Premiere, but now, I’ve got to learn some AfterEffects. Any one want to get me started?

Premiere is a professional editing program that is a standard in the production world. It’s fairly easy to pick up if you pop in to the Adobe or Creative Cow tutorials. Thankfully, I learned the nuances of good editing back in my college days so I didn’t have to think much about matching cuts, angles, etc… I just had to find the buttons!

All around, my Adobe experience was pretty decent. I had my share of frustration, hair pulling, swearing, and poured more than one stiff drink. The learning curve wasn’t too great and as the guy in the VideoMaker editing video says, if you already know about the “art of editing” it’s just about finding the buttons.

So, I guess I’m an Adobe fan then.

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