Keeping it Local with Networking

Today I joined WEBA whcih is Alexandria, Virginia’s West End Business Association.  They are a thriving and growing networking group focused on developing the businesses based in the West End of Alexandria.  After attending a few events and having coffee with a few members, I finally feel as though I am starting to meet some neighbors. I believe in supporting local business as much as possible and WEBA helps a new business do just that.This group is active, welcoming, and really takes building up our local business community seriously.

As a new business owner, I have been looking around for the right networking groups to join so I can build my business. Networking is difficult for me. If you are up on your Facebook trends, I am an extroverted introvert. This means I’m kinda shy around new people and can only handle meeting a few new people at a time, but once I’m comfortable with you, I’m very out-going and friendly. Attending a networking event by myself without a wingman is incredibly stressful, and is a situation made better with food, drinks, and smartphones. Therefore, I look for happy hours, lunches, breakfasts, and so on. Food is a great ice-breaker. Drinks are even better. (Please drink responsibly.)

As much as I love driving only 10 minutes to get to an event or to meet with a new colleague, I love the spirit and attitude of the members I’ve met so far.   Small businesses must be picky with their dollars so we can’t join every group that looks interesting. We can, however, focus our attention on the good people around us and supporting them in the ways we would like to be supported.  WEBA helps the businesses in this area do just that. So thanks, WEBA, for welcoming me and infecting me with your entrepreneurial spirit!