The joys of a long-term contract

Last summer I was thrilled to get a long-term contract with Laureate International supporting the media team dedicated to Walden University’s EdD in Education program. I am even more thrilled to have that contract extended. Many of the pieces we create are character-driven scenarios to give the students a chance to see a real-world situation and react to it or come up with solutions to problems.  We have created live-action and animated scenarios to the delight of new students.  I’ve had a great time, not only learning more about the field of education, its trends, and how it has changed, but in working with new graphic artists, editors and at writing some good, character-based scripts.

All of this has kept me quite busy and away from my Firedrake Productions blog.  I love having a long-term project to do, but have gotten woefully behind on my industry reading and promoting my business.  So, this post is about catching back up, explaining where I’ve been and apologizing for being neglectful.  Here goes: I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long. It’s been worth it, though.

But know that I have the opportunity to support a team of dedicated professionals responsible for teaching teachers to be better. And we need that. Walden University certainly isn’t the only higher education opportunity out there, but they sure take what they do seriously. All I hear is talk about how can a piece of media improve the student’s learning and experience. This experience is a good reminder of why we do what we do.

As a producer, it’s my job to listen. Really, that’s what a producer must do best: listen. To the client, to the audience, and whoever else will interact with the piece I’m planning to create. My time at Laureate is a good chance to really refine those listening skills while I help make some pretty cool videos.

So what does my photo above have to do with this post? This is a picture of the plaque on IMG_1881the trophy everyone on the team received for our work on the EdD program media upgrade. As the Associate Producer, I’m not the top decision-maker, but I certainly feel
proud of the input and work I’ve put in.  I really feel I had a hand in earning this award!

Moving forward, look for some updates on the virtual reality shoot we did in December and thoughts on creating animated stories in education.

I’m really loving my time with Laureate, so expect me to gush a bit.

Happy New Year,