The joys of a long-term contract

Last summer I was thrilled to get a long-term contract with Laureate International supporting the media team dedicated to Walden University’s EdD in Education program. I am even more thrilled to have that contract extended. Many of the pieces we create are character-driven scenarios to give the students a chance to see a real-world situation […]

Keeping it Local with Networking

Today I joined WEBA whcih is Alexandria, Virginia’s West End Business Association.  They are a thriving and growing networking group focused on developing the businesses based in the West End of Alexandria.  After attending a few events and having coffee with a few members, I finally feel as though I am starting to meet some […]

And the award for the Best Use of a Drone goes to……..

The world of music videos has been a playground for innovative DPs trying out new gear or new ways of using old gear. The band OK Go has consistently put out some really creative pieces where the videography is just as interesting as the music. Their new video for “I Won’t Let You Down” is […]

To go Premiere or Final Cut?

I used to be a pretty good editor at one point. Matching action, smoothing out voice tracks and editing music is something I tend to be good at and enjoy. But lately I fell out of it as I focused on my producing responsibilities. My recent work with the Red Cross gave me the opportunity […]