Firedrake Productions has created a wide variety of communication tools, a few of which are included here.

Springfield Challenger

Today’s kids are swamped with all sorts of activities, but for those with a disability the list of
available options is very short. Eddie Garretson saw a gap that needed filled for these kids so he created Springfield
Challenger Baseball – a little league program only for kids with any kind of disability. We created this
Telly Award winning video so that Springfield Challenger could expand their reach and welcome more
kids and recruit more volunteers. It worked!

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente’s Mid-Atlantic division does a lot to reach out to their community. A common
issue faced by most medical care facilities is the angry patient who gets out of hand. In an effort to help
medical professionals understand how they can diffuse a potentially volatile situation, we teamed up to
create a simple basic training video to cover key easy behavior modifications.

U.S. Army – Faces of Strength

To raise awareness and appreciation for some of the amazing Soldiers and Civilians who support
our Army, the Office of the Chief of Public Affairs created Faces of Strength, a video series of personal
stories to be featured online and at an annual defense conference. Julie joined a local production team
to manage shooting a dozen or so compelling personal stories across the country. Faces of Strength is
still available on YouTube through the Army’s channel.

Northrop Grumman

Many large companies struggle with streamlining related departments, so when this large
defense contractor needed to do just that, they created a video to explain to their massive team how
things were going to work. Through a partnership with visionary Charlie Puritano and Advance Concepts
the resulting piece made a challenging explanation easy to follow.

Discover Engineering

Getting kids thinking about engineering as a potential career path is one of many STEM goals of
the National Engineer’s Foundation. As a way to get kids to Discover Enginering, NEF created a series of
DVD toolkits to share with teachers and visiting engineers in middle school classrooms. Julie was part of
the production team along with Puritano Media and Maguire Reeder in producing these pieces. Each
DVD toolkit also comes with a booklet of activities to do in the classroom. Click on the clip to get a taste
of how to create clean drinking water.

World of Children

The World of Children is a unique organization that “improves the lives of vulnerable children by funding and elevating the most effective changemakers for children worldwide.” While the organization doesn’t give money directly to children, the raise funds to support some of the leading worldwide non-profit groups who do the  most for children. To explain […]