Media Production Services

Product Videos

Does the sale of your product or service depend largely on a presentation made in the field by a sales person? Or on your customer taking the time to read a brochure? Firedrake Productions’ product videos can make the process foolproof and increase your close ratio. Through entertaining video showing your company, how it works, and why you are the best in the business, you can pre-qualify leads and increase buyer confidence. By using video to support your message you can be sure you are giving your sales force one consistent message about your company or product. Firedrake Productions can create a video tool that does most of the selling for you.

Campaign and Fundraising Videos

How do you get new members to join your association? Support your efforts? Give till it hurts? Show them what they’re missing! In today’s crowded fundraising field, launching an effective campaign can be a daunting proposition. The key is appealing to the heart and mind. Video testimonials from the campaign leader, recipients of your service, and supporters of your cause speak right to the heart of a potential donor or sponsor. As the centerpiece of a promotional kit, a video serves as the campaign’s messenger, helping gain support by explaining the mission efficiently. Firedrake Productions can help your message generate the greatest return for your organization.

Still Photography

Not every image has to be moving to capture a moment, a product or an idea. Documenting an event, creating professional portraits or beautiful product shots requires just the right eye and equipment to make it happen. Our still photographers will capture more than an image – they capture a moment and a feeling. What message do you want to send to your clients?

Web Video

What if you could personally speak to every person who clicked on your website? Would more people remain engaged long enough to make a purchasing decision? What if that video convinced viewers they needed your product or service and that yours was the only company that they should do business with? That’s the power of video. Your website can deliver your message with impact and urgency, rather than hoping that someone reads the right part of it. Firedrake Productions creates that kind of message.

Training Videos

Most successful companies diligently invest in training their employees – at tremendous cost. Professionally produced training videos with sophisticated features will ensure trainees grasp concepts and apply their training right away on the job. Firedrake Productions creates effective video training sessions at an affordable cost that model appropriate behavior and minimize employee downtime.

Profile and Tribute Videos

Using video to highlight the accomplishments of an employee, company or other valued colleague can not only deliver well-deserved kudos at an event, but creates a lasting memento for your honoree. A good profile or tribute video will create a beautiful new memory out of a carefully selected collection of old ones. Let Firedrake Productions help you gather those sound bites, photos and video clips to create a video portrait for you.

Get the Most from Your Investment

Investing in your message is an investment in your organization’s future and success. Firedrake can help your video have a life beyond its first viewing. We can show you how to use Social Media and other tools to be sure your piece is seen by the widest audience.